遺跡の聖像  Icons in Ancient Ruins


Shown below are the icons that said to be the creations by sculptors came from an alien planet, during an early civilization era to several hundred years ago.
Recording media, including important information of the times are embedded in these icons.
The area, including ancient ruins, putting these icons is the buffer zone of various parties at this time point, therefore each party cannot carry on own excavation activity. Even by acquiring only one new icon, it will give the owner a lot of competitive edge over other parties.

■聖像TS  Icon "TS"


Icon "TS" is a group statue depicting three GAIKOTSU guardians with tough spiritual strength and unparalleled fighting strength. They are also likened to a material with the highest hardness in the world. These three figures are the same in size and shape, therefore thought to be cast using one template.
In ancient times, there was a huge gate connected this world with the alien planet, and icon "TS" was set up at the top of the gate.

In addition, icon "TS" has another name meaning "the first letter and the last letter". Archaeologists are suggesting the relationship between that and a method of health-promoting breathing, or considering the possibility that icon "TS" is the symbol of "the beginning and the end of the universe".
■聖像MB  Icon "MB"


Icon "MB" is a statue depicting a sage born in an ancient 9th dynasty era.
He was always thinking about the beginning of life and the future. It is thought to be one of the statues set up at the gate, that connected this world with the alien planet.

An ancient text document including the description "spherical charms at the top of the head give a wearer the ability to look into the future 5,670,000,000 years from now" has been discovered near icon "MB". Since there are also some statues with similar shape to icon "MB", it is still remaining to be explained whether the description in the ancient text document is indicating icon "MB" or others.
■聖像RR  Icon "RR"

さらに天啓を受け、巨獣の乳から複雑な工程を経て、究極の栄養食品「O-GIAD」を作製。原料→熱変性産物R→分解物S→高エネルギー化合物J→O-GIAD という精製・熟成過程が必要で莫大な費用と手間を要するが、人海戦術による大量生産を達成した。これを摂取させた強化兵団を指揮して、大帝国をつくりあげたという。


Icon "RR" is thought to be a statue depicting childhood of brothers, who grew up to be the founding father of legendary great empire in early civilization era.

The brothers were rescued by a sacred giant white beast, when their house caught fire. After that, the brothers were provided breast milk of the giant beast, grew up to be tough and intelligent adolescents.
They received divine afflatus and based on that they made ultimate nutritional food "O-GIAD" from breast milk of the giant beast, through a complex purification/maturation process of [milk => heat-denatured product "R" => decomposition product "S" => high-energy compound "J" => O-GIAD]. This process requires tremendous amounts of money and effort, but they accomplished large-scale production by the labor-intensive method. The brothers commanded a corps strengthened by O-GIAD, and finally established the great empire.

In the course of escaping the fire, the giant beast was injured by serious burn and then broad burn spots were left on the beast's body.
This species was thought to have become extinct, but several years ago a small herd was discovered during an expedition of MACHINE. They were brought to MACHINE base in absolute secrecy.
■聖像UV Icon "UV"


Icon "UV" is an uncompleted statue that the sculptor's aim was thought to depict "GAIKOTSU with perfectly well-proportioned body", and it is the result of the effort to include two poses into one statue.
The sculptor is also well known as excellent painter, architect, illustrator of animal anatomical charts, and airplane designer. However, we need considerable attention since there are many forged works of him all over the world.

Founder of BEAST army was strongly attracted to animal anatomical charts mentioned above in childhood, and this is what made him launch himself in the study of motion-assist module, KiG-LUMI.
■聖像DC Icon "DC"

Icon ”DC” and its analogs are found in several ruins. They are in one fifth- to one sixth-size of actual GAIKOTSU beings, and purpose of use of them is still unknown.
Icon ”DC” features ”limbs with the posture of holding tightly to something” and ”eyes with mysterious mechanism, alter their expressions when you see from different angles”. Whole body design of Icon ”DC” is extremely simplified and formalized.
Statues found in the earliest stage geological layer of the early civilization era are in black-and-white, however beautifully-colored statues are found in later stage layers. Most of archaeologists say that these statues are used for hex or rituals, but some point out the possibility that these statues are the toys encourage emotional development.

Color variation

■聖像IK Icon "IK"


Although Icon ”IK” seems to be a statue of a mother holding a child in her arms, actually she is a mythical fierce god who is greatly feared with kidnapping others’children and eating them. Later she retrieved herself after she met with a sage, subject of Icon ”MB”.

However, this time completely different information from those well-known folk tales was found, stored in the memory chip embedded in Icon ”IK”. According to it, the subject of Icon ”IK” was worshipped, in nature, as the Creator who derived order out of chaos, by bringing a state of non-equilibrium in space. This finding became a hot topic for discussion, not only among archaeologists, but also among physical scientists. It led to a major breakthrough in the research on the creation of the universe.

■聖像群PP Icons "PP"


Sculptures making up Icons "PP" are found in the recent cooperative excavation project, digging the lowest part of the ruins that thought to be the oldest remains ever known.
Since Icon "UV" has been thought to be included in the statues of relatively-recent times, therefore it brought heavy impact on the archaeological community that a statue quite similar to Icon "UV" was found in that oldest remain.
In addition, the statues of unknown intelligent life were also found all together. These icons are thought to be built in order to portray the situation of the first contact between GAIKOTSU beings and unknown intelligent life.

Because of the protein-rich body composition of unknown intelligent life, far different from that of GAIKOTSU beings, ancient GAIKOTSU called them "People of Protein".


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